Jack and Tom are two expat mercenaries heading towards the end of their career- ricocheting from crime to crime across the backwaters of South Africa in an oil slick of chaos and crumpled hedonism.

Hawkwood is a visually stunning, visceral study of love and death- a transcendental journey from chaos to grace.



Phineas Gage works at the city hospital and lives amongst the trees on the lush banks of a nearby river. On a cool Spring morning the spectre of his deceased father implores Phineas to “Give him something.” to give him a kill. That night he undertakes a murderous spree to get closer to the supreme essence of life. Slowly Phineas comes to understand that to stop the catastrophe of civilisation he must meet it head on with greater catastrophe. Phineas’ response is to embrace this world he feels so isolated from with a tactile response to death. A gripping vision of looped apocalypse… a panorama of murder and supreme beauty… Phineas Gage is our saviour, our angel of death.



Graduation night at a large mid western American high-school. Over one thousand people cram into an underground basketball court to hear speeches and watch lives about to bloom.

One of the senior students locks the doors, turns on the loudspeaker system on and begins to read a list- an entire years worth of affairs between parents, teachers and students.

Blood begins to flow.



Writer, Director: Rick Charnoski

Co-writers: Amiel Courtin-Wilson, James Hewison

Executive Producers: James Hewison, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Matt Noonan

Red is a tightly-wound, hungry wolf of a girl, crashing at a squat in Los Angeles. She receives a phone call with some unexpected tragic news so she steals the squat-lord’s car and heads back to her hometown of Modesto. Something feels different, Red’s former home is numb and exhausted. There’s a toxic sickness that has settled into everything and her father’s death is a mystery.




An unbearably intimate portrait of the homeless individuals who populate a modern city as it is consumed by an inexplicable thick white fog.


Peter and Polly both wanted to be artists when they were little.

They met at art school.

They fell in love.

They raised a family.

They got divorced.

Many years later they became friends.

Now at 70 years old they are still artists.

A feature film about creativity, love and limitations.


7 days

7 chapters + 1

A man - his routines

His Children

His Divorce

His Job

He stumbles in his words - we find out he is sick

His friends start arguing - more and more family - a reunion

We see a bonfire A toast - a final toast


A feature film about sound, animism, divinity, whiskey, Brooklyn and Charlemagne Palestine.