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A meditation on the nature of mortality, TRACES is an impressionistic
portrait of the human body before and after death.

Utilising never before seen thermal camera imagery of the human body
cooling after death, TRACES is a visionary journey that charts our
ineffable final moments of transfiguration.

Heat is light and light is heat. Upon death that same light slowly
fades. The animate disperses into the inanimate. The return of energy to
the aether- again and forever.

Both a feature length film and a moving image installation accompanied
by a live score, TRACES is a meditation on impermanence and
the eternal processes of becoming and unbecoming. TRACES bears witness
to the most universal of human experiences of physical transformation by
illuminating the final moments of life - and beyond.

After three years of research and shot all over the world, TRACES will
premiere in 2020.